About Us

Softworld is an exceptional Mobile application Design & Development company. We have many years of leading experience with an affluence of enterprise mobile application to support our customer journey. What sets us apart is our can-do attitude about the mobile projects we take up. We’ve got what it takes to develop your product idea into a solid mobile app that brings delight to your audience. Just like we did with some of our top client's ideas..

We are an innovation-driven software company delivering the apps on-demand. From a human-to-human perspective, we are a team of ambitious and nerdy-ish people, who strive for innovation and continuous improvement.

Our headquarters are located in Kampala, Uganda, where all our Product Designers, Software Developers and QA Testers, are working together to deliver high-quality software on demand.

We design and develop mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business.

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4 Reasons to choose Softworld

There is no doubt every client wants the best our of their idea, here is why you should choose Softworld.

Full Package App Development
From product strategy, UI/UX design, native and cross-platform development for iOS and Android, to back-end solutions. we cover the entire flow of taking an idea and launching it in the market as a full mobile product.
Experienced team of Engineers
With over 20 apps built in the last four years, for various industries, we know what it takes to build a strong, engaging iOS & Android mobile application. You can rest assured that your product is in good hands.
Focus on efficiency and effectiveness
We work agile: two-week sprints and stand-ups ensure a fast delivery and an effective communication with the client. We always advise on fast validation and doing user testing as early and as often as possible.
Great communication and smart, fun people
We work tightly with our client’s teams. This brings many advantages in terms of communication and reduces many of the usual hiccups of outsourced development. Our clients are always update with project phases!