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What is Mobile Appstrategy

A mobile app strategy sets the roadmap for your app business by defining the overall portfolio, its category, selection of development tools, protocols, and mobile app policies that lead to a successful mobile app business.

A clear mobile app strategy is essential for your mobile app business to succeed financially. However, having built and deployed more than 700 apps to date, we often see poorly thought out strategies. Thus, despite great app ideas, many startups end up in failure.

At Softworld, we want you to be sure about your mobile app strategy. And if you are not, do not worry, our team of Business Managers and Analysts will help you get there. If you do not have a technical background, your overall strategy might have a few voids which may remain invisible to you. Our job is to uncover and fill them up for you.

We see a mobile app strategy to be composed of four major elements-

1.App Portfolio

The app portfolio defines a host of things. These can be but are not limited to-

  • Category of the app
  • Size of Userbase
  • Implementation of BYOD
  • Enabling cross-device compatibility
  • Interaction of the app with an IOT device
  • Enabling biometric identification to access documents etc.

In other words, the app portfolio is fundamentally about the nature of the app, its possibilities, and its target audience. Once you are clear on what your app should do, it is time to specify the development tools and standards.


2.App Development Tools

Often your app is composed of a number of parts. Some of it may require you to use native tools while other functionalities might demand a hybrid environment. Some of the critical points to be considered here-

  • Single vs. Multiple app development teams
  • Development split up between in-house and outsourcing company (if any)
  • Deciding between Native, Hybrid, and Cross-Platform development

For a standalone app of a small scale, the decision is often easy as it mostly involves a single team.

3.Support Infrastructure and Services

Before hosting your app, we always have a tentative number of users, to begin with. This determines the support infrastructure we would be putting to use. It is important to get this right as it is interconnected to the selection of the app development environment as well as the budget.

  • Ascertaining the IaaS configuration to set a clear budget and avoid going overboard.
  • Figuring out the DevOps and Continuous Integration Environment.
  • Standardization of platforms across DevOps.
  • Harnessing best possible server technologies for optimal performance.

For small-scale apps, we often employ SQL servers or MySQL on AWS and then scale up to Amazon Aurora if we are required to do so.


4.System Monitoring and Governance

After we have set the standards for development and deployment, it is important to monitor and define standards of operation for the app. With respect to the technologies used, governance standards help to deter unwanted anomalies from the development process. This includes-

  • Set policies for mobile app development tools
  • Create policies for system scale-up and migration
  • Set parameters and standardization for troubleshooting and focus on resource reusability
  • Ascertaining that the mobile app strategy remains the same across the firm
  • Ensure that the mobile app strategy allows innovation, speed of deployment, and optimizes costs

We have more than 8 years of experience in building apps for various businesses and industries. Having worked in this domain for so long, we have seen immediate demand for post-deployment services after the app is published. And time and again we have provided them.

We have helped our clients steer through all these stages. Hence, you can trust our team to sketch out the app strategy for your business model. Irrespective of the user-base you are anticipating for your app, we will suggest a feasible mobile app strategy to succeed.

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